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Brand logos with hidden messages

Brand logos with hidden messages

Amazon – Besides showing a smiley face indicating to customer satisfaction, the arrow below the word ’amazon’ points from A to Z, which is a variety of products that Amazon offers.

 BMW – this logo stays true to the company’s aerial history: the white sections represent a rotating propeller, whereas the blue sections represent the sky.

 Cisco – since the company is from San Francisco, the blue lines represent Golden Gate bridge, whereas the name itself is short for the city of San Francisco.

Formula 1 – another great example of good usage of negative space: the number 1 is formed between the black letter F and the red lines which represent speed. 

Gillette – razors obviously cut everything perfectly, including Gillette logo whose letters G and L have been cut with precision, representing product sharpness.


 Le Tour de France – the logotype does not only contain letters, but they form a bicycle and a cyclist whose front wheel is actually the sun.

Pinterest – the letter P in the logotype is stylized so as to form a pin, which is exactly what this growing network’s users do with the images on their boards.

 Toblerone – there’s a bear hiding in the mountains of Toblerone logo. It symbolizes Bern, the capital of Switzerland which is known as the city of bears, and exactly where the company was founded.


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